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About us

Back in 2008, we launched My Detour with little more than a wild idea and a 1964 vintage Holden. In the business’s early years, we ran the operation from home dividing our time between building a small family and a budding business. Today, we now employ seven very talented staff members and two handsome vehicles.

For us, My Detour is a real labour of love and we wouldn’t be where we are without the knowledge and generosity of the many guides, community leaders, business owners and Indigenous elders that make our experiences unlike anything else you’ll find this beautiful city we call home.

Bringing an element of creativity and surprise into everything that we do, at the end of a day (or three), we want you to feel as if you have discovered a side of Sydney you never knew existed, like a real Sydney local.

Richard & Bérangère Graham

Our Philosophy

Educate. Embrace. Inspire.

Our philosophy has always been one that is based on participation, sharing stories, and connecting people and land. Above all, we treat every client (that's you) as part of the My Detour family, offering a highly captivating, personal and immersive experience – the kind that can’t be bought or sold.

How we change the world

We believe in giving back.

In 2017, in partnership with key Indigenous Elders, we will launch Aboriginal Homelands - a not-for-profit initiative that seeks to support the Indigenous communities that have welcomed us with open arms.

When you book with My Detour you are not only discovering Sydney, you are investing in a better future for all.


5 star reviews

“See the other side of Sydney”

Had the pleasure of taking a 3hr tour on the 2nd of December. With the lovely Richard, what a host really treats you like a friend. You really get a unique insight into Sydney from someone who has a passion for his work. Would highly recommend you take this tour...

Eddie C

“Lovely Way to Spend the Day!”

Richard picked us up in a vintage Holden and he drove us around Sydney familiarizing us with the various neighborhoods and beaches. Spending time with Richard was a delight. He has a great personality and is very well-versed in what to see in Sydney. We highly recommend going out with him.


Our Tour Guides

Meet our local guides – a troupe of adventure-seekers with a love for Sydney.

  • Richard Graham

    Traveling extensively as a child, and later braving a 14-month solo trip through South America, Richard was practically born with a thirst for adventure. Never content with simply following the “gringo” trail, he would wander aimlessly through foreign backstreets and befriend locals until he uncovered the hidden gems that tourists so often overlook. That’s when the light bulb moment hit: Why not take this approach to travel and apply it to the city nearest to his heart?

  • Jon Brian

    After 16-years of living and working in Africa, Jon Brian (aka Tony Monaro) was in 2008, lured back by rhythms of Australia’s most vibrant city. Joining the My Detour family in 2014, Jon had us on the edge of our seats in no time. Take a tour with him, and you’ll see why. Not only does he possess an endless wealth of knowledge, he will have you tap-dancing around Sydney in a matter of minutes.

  • James Hart

    Here is a man who can keep you entertained for hours on end. How does he do it? Our guess is as good as yours, but it might have something to do with his offbeat sense of humour and bounding energy. An Englishman by birth, an Australian in spirit (he has lived and worked here for over 40 years!), James’s infectious enthusiasm and endless abundance of unusual facts and anecdotes comes through in his ability to bring histories and places to life.

  • Uncle Paul Gordon

    A revered and respected senior custodian of Aboriginal Lore, Uncle Paul Gordon dedicates his life to teaching and preserving Indigenous traditions. To have an elder like Uncle Paul to welcome travelers into this sacred world of customs, stories and ceremonies is a real privilege. Warm, engaging and wise, this Niompa-Murawarri man of the Karul-Kiyalu clan is a gatekeeper to ancient knowledge that has been preserved and passed down from family to family for tens of thousands of years.

The tour vehicles

Two sets of wheels with big personalities.

  • Horace

    Having been with My Detour from day one, we like to think of Horace as a living, breathing member of the team. The 1964 EH Holden Premier – the Australian equivalent to a Cadillac - was the luxury car to be seen in the Sixties. Come to think of it, Horace turns heads to this day! With the heady scent of leather and steel, three guest seats, cozy sheep skin covers, and a low Cheshire cat purr, stepping into this vintage sedan is like stepping into a time machine.

  • Otto

    Clean-cut and handsome, Otto enjoys the finer things in life like caviar, black truffles and French champagne. Here is a vehicle that will whisk you around Sydney in style. With 6 inward-facing guest seats, dark leather interiors, tinted windows, and an open sunroof, our luxury van is perfect for the travel connoisseur with a thirst for adventure.

Our creative team

Meet the minds that turn wild ideas into reality.

  • Bérangère Graham

    From a farm in Northern France to life as a performer in the City of Lights, Bérangère’s life has been anything but dull. Her job eventually brought her to Sydney where she met Richard Graham, her future partner in life and business. As the co-founder of My Detour, the French-native brings her own unique style and expertise to every Detour experience. Bérangère hasn’t stopped performing; she’s just swapped the theatre lights for Sydney’s sunny beaches!

  • Rose Howard

    From a lofty suite at the Shangri-La Tokyo to a rickety speed boat in Hong Kong, Rose’s life as a travel writer means that she never stands still for long; but she does have a real knack for turning the world around her into peerless prose. We know that our Detours are worth every penny, but it’s often hard to put our wild ideas into words. In 2016, we welcomed Rose into the My Detour family to bring our message to life.