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My Harbourside Detour - Opera House

All members of the My Detour family pay respect, acknowledge and honour all indigenous peoples of this earth, past, present and future.

We are a family owned and operated private tour company that strives to make your visit to Sydney more meaningful and memorable.

In 2008 Richard Graham launched My Sydney Detour™ with a classic car and a contagious love of Sydney. From a one-man show to a multi-generational family, our Detour family research and design Sydney tours that are based on their uniqueness over their popularity. Our family grew in 2015 and we rebranded as My Detour™, launching a range of new and engaging experiences for travellers.

Our approach to tourism is based on sharing knowledge.

Our stories are told by informative and inspiring tour guides. They are fun, engaging and offer their extensive knowledge in a palatable way.

We look forward to meeting you and creating an Unforgettable Local Experience just for you!

Bérangère & Richard Graham
Founders/Tour Guide Extraordinaires