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Our Team

We are a ‘family’ who shares a strong enthusiasm for the magical city of Sydney.

The family includes:

Richard Graham (Owner, Founder & Tour Guide Extraordinaire)

As the founder of My Detour, Richard is your tour guide extraordinaire who has travelled to some of the most exotic destinations in the world. No matter how much he travels, Sydney is where Richard calls home.

With his first international trip at an early age, Richard comes from a rich family travelling history, spanning 3 generations, who would travel to a new country every year. During a solo, 14-month, journey through Latin America in 2007/08, Richard planned how he was going to shape the new era of tour operators in Sydney.  Travelling exclusively overland, Richard travelled through 16 countries and along the entire length of the Andes, avoiding the “Gringo” trail where he could. As a result, Richard developed his own style of travelling that has translated into the heart of My Detour.


Bérangère Graham (Owner & Tour Guide Extraordinaire)

Bérangère is co-founder of My Detour, bringing her own unique style and expertise to many Detours. As a volunteer in the Sydney Harbour National Park, Bérangère indulges her passion for native flora and breathtaking views whenever she can. Bérangère (native French speaking) created My Harbourside Detour so she could share Sydney’s natural beauty with new people from different cultures. Bérangère’s theatrical past means that she can engage and explain on a level that surpasses the average tour; instead, your coastal walk will become an unforgettable experience. Her passion, enthusiasm and friendliness will leave you wanting to explore more of Sydney. Bérangère hasn’t stopped performing, she’s just swapped the lights of the theatre for Sydney’s sunny beaches!


Elise Hudson (Operations Manager & Tour Guide Extraordinaire)

Having a passion for music and innovative businesses, Elise has harmonised her lifestyle with her work. As a Bachelor of Music graduate (majoring in performance), it made perfect sense for Elise to join the My Detour family in 2014 to manage My Music Detour. Since then, Elise has been able to extend her skills within the business by overlooking all products of My Detour.


Jon Brian (Tour Guide Extraordinaire)

After living and working in Africa and Europe for 16 years, Jon (aka Tony Monaro) finally returned to the city of his birth in 2008 to reconnect with the rhythms of Australia’s most vibrant city. Joining the My Detour Family in 2014, Jon is a passionate Tour Guide with a wealth of practical experience and will be delighted to share his enthusiasm, knowledge and story telling ability as he leads you through your own unforgettable Sydney experience.


Phil Summers (Tour Guide Extraordinaire)

Since retiring, after nearly five decades of full time work in the printing industry, Phil has been a valued My Detour family member since 2014, working as a tour guide at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. When he is not babysitting his grandson, Phil notes that he gets to indulge in three of his favourite pastimes – meeting people, discussing early Australian history & listening to beautiful music. Phil is always on the look out for new anecdotes & information about early Australian history, so next time you are visiting, why not come & say hello & share your knowledge.


James Hart (Tour Guide Extraordinaire)
Originally from England, James has now been in Australia for 40 years and loves all aspects of living in Sydney. After working for a financial institution for 20 years, James keeps busy singing, acting, cycling, enjoying the beach life and… sharing stories!
When James delves into the “quirky” human side of the stories peppered with little unknown snippets of history, he can keep you entertained for hours!
James focuses on the amazing people who have made a magnificent contribution to the fabulous city of Sydney. His motto is “History isn’t boring – it’s fascinating”.


Jenny Howard (Family Member, My Dreamtime Ngurrumpaa Detour)

As long as she could remember, Jenny has always been fascinated by other cultures so she has made it her life mission to connect people across cultures whenever she can. It has led to the most unusual friendships including one with Uncle John which started many years ago when they were working with troubled young Aboriginal people. She saw for herself the redemptive power of the love and guidance of this group of Aboriginal tribal elders and also found kindred souls who wanted to experience it themselves and share it with others who crave positive connections with Aboriginal culture and people.


Uncle Paul Gordon (Family Member, My Dreamtime Ngurrumpaa Detour)

A Niompa-Murawarri man of the Karul-Kiyalu clan (“Stone Country People”) from Western NSW, with family links, through his great-grandmother, to the Wollombi district. He is recognised and respected throughout Australia as a senior custodian of traditional Aboriginal Lore.

For 25 years he ran the Aboriginal cultural camp “Yarnteen” near Wollombi, teaching the old ways and values to Aboriginal and non Aboriginal people alike. After several years away teaching, travelling, connecting with Lore men and women in various parts of Australia, he has returned to Wollombi to continue his role as senior knowledge-holder of this important ceremonial place.


Uncle Phil Sheppard (Family Member, My Dreamtime Ngurrumpaa Detour)

Born in Sydney, of Irish and Scots ancestry, he is a Niompa man by traditional Lore, Dharug and Gamilaroi by adoption. He has an Arts degree from Sydney University, with honours in Japanese language and English literature. He spent a year in Japan studying Japanese literature at post-graduate level. Upon returning to Australia he commenced a long-overdue immersion in Aboriginal culture, living near Mudgee for many years, eventually settling down in the Wollombi area.

At present, with Uncle Paul Gordon and a team of young Aboriginal people, he is involved in setting up “Ngurrumpa”, a multi-faceted Aboriginal experience incorporating camps, tours, music, dance, storytelling, art, woodworking, bush tucker, bush medicine: all based on the traditional values of family, sharing, respect and connection to country.