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My Dreamtime ‘Ngurrumpaa’ Detour

Your once-in-a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in Aboriginal spirituality.

Ngurrumpaa means “my relationship with my place and everything in my place”. During this unique experience, you connect with the spirit of traditional Aboriginal life and culture. You are involved in conversations with humble elders sharing the meaning of ancient stories that shape Aboriginal life.

​If you wonder how Aboriginal people lived in Australia since the beginning of time, you are willing to learn about spiritual and meaningful sites in the East Coast of Australia, discover ​a broad scope of Aboriginal people’s skills and talents, ​taste real ‘bush-tucker’ ​and connect to the ancient land, here is an experience for you. Unexpected, exhilarating​, ​engaging and​ memorable​.​

​In company of Aboriginal elders and our passionate guides, you explore several dimensions and historical layers ​in the East Coast. You gain an in-depth understanding of where you are.

Crafted & designed by the My Detour family including Uncle Phil, Uncle Paul & Uncle John, by booking this experience you will travel back to an ancient time and learn the relationship between the Aboriginal people and their land.

“Through our connections with Aboriginal elders we have created an experience that will allow you to take a spiritual journey like no other. Guest participation & mutual respect will be the key to sharing in Australia’s Indigenous culture.”
~ Jenny Howard, Sydney local & My Detour family member


  • Enjoy a light breakfast along the Hawkesbury River
  • Be greeted with a traditional Aboriginal welcome
  • Experience significant Aboriginal sites at Yengo National Park
  • Visit a spiritual site whilst listening to Ngurrumpaa stories
  • Be invited to share 'bush-tucker', traditional Aboriginal food
  • Immerse yourself in 'corroboree', traditional Aboriginal ceremony

Tour Options

Full Day Experience

7:00am - 7:00pm

​Start your journey by traveling along the Hawkesbury River and enjoy a light breakfast.
​Immerse yourself in the Australian bush at Yengo National Park and experience a traditional Aboriginal welcome.
​Listen to 'Ngurrumpaa' stories and become aware of your surroundings.
​Share ​open discussions with knowledgeable Aboriginal Elders ​(​Uncles and ​Aunties).
This experience is about what you want to learn​. Questions are raised by you with what you came to discuss. It is ​an insight into a living culture with old ​traditions ​and profound values.

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3 Day Experience

Depart 7:00am, Return 7:00pm (Day 3)

The 3 Day experience allows you to be taken through​​ a broader range of significant ​spiritual sites ​​and offers a greater understanding of the Aboriginal Lore.
You can connect with several members of the community and be involved in artefact-making, traditional dance​, ceremonies, hand-stencil on ancient rock​ and many more discussions.
For a fully immersive experience we recommend you choose the campsite option (luxury tents included).

Pricing(3 Day Experience)


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